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@SparklingWand Congratulations my friend on your DREAM of being PUBLISHED coming true! This post is dedicated to you!

As authors we all aspire to one day have our work published, and that Dream has come true for a very DEAR friend of mine @SparklingWand Her Book entitled "Guardian" is being published, and you can expect to see it hit store shelves in The summer of 2011. For that I want her to know, how very Proud, and HONORED I am to to know her, and to be a part of her life.

@SparklingWand my friend this POEM is for you:

'My Inspiration'

"You are like my guiding light, showing through the night.
You are my Inspiration, through this desolation.
Never have I known, a truer place to call home.
With your dedication you have shown, that no dream must remain unknown.
Never have I been so proud, then to see your light shine through these clouds.
Always know my friend, I'm here for you until the end!"

written for you by me: @DreamsOfEdward

Congratulations my sweet friend and thank you for allowing me to come along for the ride!!

Below is an Interview that @SparklingWand was kind enough to grant me upon learning her dream of being published was becoming a reality:

1. When did you first realize your passion for writing?

I was actually about thirteen when I wrote my first short story. It was a simple Christmas story about a donkey that was in the stables at the time of Christ birth. I still have a copy of that story actually. My penmanship was horrible.

2. What or who inspired you to write your first fan fiction?

Don’t Take the Girl came to me in the car while actually listening to the song performed by Tim McGraw. I could see eight year old miniward in my head, snaggle-toothed and lisping, and I was completely in love with him. I immediately emailed the lovely ladies, that later became my betas, the idea and they to fell in love with him. Honestly, without miniward, I don’t think I would have ever tried to get my book published. I owe him a great deal. Maybe I can put an acknowledgement in my book for him.

3. When writing your fan fiction, who or what was your support system?

My biggest support system was my friends. I am lucky enough to say I have the world’s greatest group of friends. I’ll give twitter names, as not all of us want our real names released, but @marcie21, @VronniePantz, @DemiCNeal, @HisSparklyness aka @HisTennisBalls, @TinasBeenRobd, @DreamsOfEdward, @TwiMoments, and @Writing4Roses have been the world’s greatest support system. Without them I wouldn’t be here.

4. At what point did you decide to go from writing fan fiction to writing a book?

I actually started my book before fan fiction. It was fan fiction that gave me the push I needed to put myself out there and actually try to publish my book.

5. What or who was your inspiration behind the book?

The idea for my book “Guardian” actually came to me in the shower. I know! What a place to be when an idea hits you. It was a single scene that is a major part of my story line now, which came to me. I could see the faces in my head so vividly along with the atmosphere around them. I jotted the idea down as soon as I could and later that day told a twitter friend (@marcie21) about it. She basically went nuts over it and convinced me to write it.

6. What is the title of your book?


7. Are you nervous now that you've learned your book will actually be published?

I can’t even begin to describe the extent of my nervousness. I got almost sick due to nerves every time I posted a new chapter to DTtG. Take that and amplify it by a million and there’s the extent of my nervousness.

My fan fiction betas can vouch for me on this one. I was always the most annoying when I was about to post. I know there had to be times they wanted to beat me, and I wouldn’t have blamed them.

8. Can you share anything about the book with us?

Hmmm, what to tell? It’s a story about a girl who comes face to face with the man of her dreams only to find out he’s holds a secret to her own past. It’s a riveting story (if I may say so myself) about love conquering all.

I promise, no vampires or werewolves are featured in this book. LOL.

9. Now that you are actually getting your book published, will you continue to write fan

    fiction stories?

Oh, absolutely. Fan fiction is what led me here. No way will I turn my back on it.

10. I'm sure your readers want to know if you will write a sequel to "Don't take the girl"?

Originally, I had no plans for a sequel. Miniward and Miniella’s story had been told, but I neglected to consider that Carlie and JJ’s story had not. So, I will say yes, I’m actually outlining a draft for a DTtG sequel called “Please, Remember Me”

11. If so can you tell us the premise behind the sequel?

I hate to say it but the sequel will be a tad more angsty then the original. Let’s face it, JJ is Jacob’s son after all and there is just no way to have a Jacob, whether original or junior, and not have a little angst involved.

I will start the story out at the age of ten, since we already had a glimpse of Carlie and JJ at the age of eight with the ending of DTtG, but we will skip ahead pretty quickly to age sixteen where the story will inevitably be told. JJ will endure some heavy blows in life that will make Carlie’s parents concerned about their closeness. Just think Daddy copward…enough said.

12. What author/author's have been your biggest inspiration?

JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Cassandra Clare, and Richelle Mead

13. Who in your own life has been your biggest supporter?

My husband and son have been. They have endured a lot from me while I’ve taken this journey. I owe them both the world.

14. Do you use anything as a means of inspiration while writing?

The shower... LOL.

No, seriously, I have many inspirations in my life. I have my friends, my music and my family. They each bring their own special piece to my work.

15. In your opinion what is the most important part behind any story or book?

Plot and character development.

Without a great plot and wonderful characters, a story or book is nothing more then a bunch of words on paper. Both have to be believable. People read so they no longer have to be in their own worlds, their own realities. From the time they open that book, they become the characters, they identify with them, if you don’t have a great plot to follow and wonderful character to fall into, the book or story is pointless.

Please join me in Congratulating @SparklingWand Leave some love for her in the comments below or drop her a tweet on twitter!!

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